Packaging Compliance

The Packaging Regulations

The Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations were introduced in 1997; their aim is to encourage companies that handle packaging to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and packaging waste.

The regulations operate on a “producer pays” principle which means that companies have to finance the recovery and recycling of packaging materials, proportionate to the amount that they place on the market.

The regulations affect companies who meet both of the following thresholds: 


Tonnage threshold   Turnover Threshold

Handling more than 50 tonnes of packaging in the previous year.


Last set of audited accounts showing a turnover of more than £2million.


To see what 50 tonnes of packaging could look like, click here.

If your business meets both of these thresholds then you are deemed a Producer and you will be responsible for financing a proportion of what you place on the market through PRNs